Opinion Ed: The State of the World

(Photo taken from radio.wosu.org)

I don’t anticipate rambling word after word in this space. I’ve had my opportunity to vent with loved ones during this chaotic time. So why write, even briefly, about it? It’s cathartic I suppose, and I’ve typically been better with a pen or a keyboard than verbally when it comes to expressing myself. So many things rightfully get put on pause and take less importance when the atrocity of what happened to George Floyd is seen repeatedly, sadly just the latest in a consistent trend seen over the last 8-10 years. This, paired with the less visceral but equally as troubling video of Amy Cooper exercising her benefits that her skin color allow her on Christian Cooper, were a lot to take in, even as a young black man who is consistently exposed and not naive to the same systemic infrastructures that took down Floyd fatally and potentially could have irrevocably changed Christian’s life for the worst. I don’t get shook often, but these events…yeah, they did just that.

I don’t have answers, nor do I understand all of the intricacies of the system that predate me, my father, his father, and his father. All I can suggest is that we as a collective be better. Treat each other with kindness. Be open to alternate viewpoints. Be self-aware of our limitations and biases both implicit and explicit. Work to do the right thing, even if it is undoubtedly the harder thing. I don’t always believe in humans, but I definitely believe in humanity. Perhaps some things will never change, but let’s at least make an honest, thorough attempt to try and make a change.


2 thoughts on “Opinion Ed: The State of the World

  1. As a white male, I am utterly, completely embarrassed and ashamed. I am the epitome of a privileged individual, someone who will never know the stress of just being out in public and having the possibility loom over me that I could be shot just for my skin color FFS. I. Am. So. Sorry for what’s going on.It’s so incredibly painful how much more symbolic Kaepernick’s kneeling has become in the wake of George Floyd. The image of him kneeling and the officer on his neck, that’s truly haunting. Here’s to hoping for some real change coming down the pipe. I can only hope, anyway. This year completely sucks.

    1. Just a wild, depressing year, and I say this as an eternal realistic pessimist. I think the first piece is being self-aware, which you are Tom. Everyone can do better on all sides and political spectrums.

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