Karate master and street hustler…just not a wearer of cotton draws. That’s Dolemite (Rudy Ray Moore), a suave pimp with a full harem of females who follow his every step. Currently, the man is serving 20 years after being found in possession of narcotics. He was framed by his rival, one Willie Green (D’Urville Martin), […]

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The Stepford Wives: Movie Man Jackson

(Originally posted as part of the Decades Blogathon, hosted by Tom at, and Mark at “I’ll just die if I don’t get this recipe.” What is the perfect woman like? And does she know she is “perfect?” In the state of Connecticut, an quiet and secluded suburb known as Stepford exists. Stepford is […]

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Jaws: Movie Man Jackson

“Well, this is not a¬†boat accident! And it wasn’t any propeller; and it wasn’t any coral reef; and it wasn’t Jack the Ripper! It was a shark.” Beaches are still feeling the lessened revenue of the summer of 1975 after this one. Amity Island is the setting in Jaws, a place where only the summer […]

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