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Ain’t no party like an Office Christmas Party cause an office Christmas party don’t stop. Christmas is coming around the corner at Zenotk, a Chicago-based technology company led by its manager Clay Vanstone (TJ Miller). Spirits aren’t exactly high in the office; the company isn’t meeting its profit goal, and the threat of layoffs and the branch being closed is high. Clay’s uptight CEO sister, Carol, (Jennifer Aniston), wouldn’t mind this, as she’s always had some jealousy towards her brother.

The only shot Clay has in saving his branch and the employees he loves is to land a big client. When the pitch he, CTO Josh Parker (Jason Bateman), and lead engineer Tracey Hughes (Olivia Munn) make to industry leader Walter Jones (Courtney B. Vance) fails, they have but one last card to play: Invite Walter to their annual “nondenominational holiday mixer,” aka Xmas party. Here, they can show why they are a company worth giving business to. Even if this fails, at least the company goes out in a blaze of glory, right?


The party comedy. I never really think of that as a subgenre, but it absolutely is, whether as a launching pad to the rest of the movie, à la The Hangover or This Is the End, or the movie itself such as Project X, Sisters, and House Party. Throw the obviously-named Office Christmas Party into that subgenre, sharing similarities with the aforementioned titles. So what does this mean?

It means that Office Christmas Party is stretched pretty thin. Certainly, with a title like such, one’s not exactly expecting a well-woven screenplay. On one hand, kudos should be given to writers Justin Malen, Laura Solen, Dan Mazer, Jon Lucas, Scott Moore, and Timothy Dowling for trying to cobble up some story and character relationships around the massive party. And, they kind of achieve in the first act right before it.

On the other hand…that’s a lot of writers that have a hand in contributing to the story! Around the midpoint of the party, things start to go haywire in the script and not necessarily in the best comedic ways. Throw in some forced reconciliation and commensurate romances into mix as well. Some less interesting side characters and plots get promoted to “A” status while more interesting side characters and plots get cast to the storage closet. It does make a person wonder if a few less party planners  writers could make for a stronger offering.


The party itself is riotous, maybe not full of non-stop hilarity, but definitely where Office Christmas Party gets the bulk of its laughs, supplied by a good portion of its all-star cast. Kate McKinnon and TJ Miller are probably the most valuable players, much more hit than miss anytime they’re on screen. Miller in particular brings the most honest-to-goodness nature, his manager reminiscent of a poor man’s Michael Scott which provides the movie with a little holiday sentimentality. Smaller character like Courtney B. Vance (huge surprise), Randall Park, and Rob Corddry steal scenes.

Not all of the all star cast is comedic fire though. There’s no bigger fan of straight man Jason Bateman than yours truly, but he is slightly dull here and not as funny as in previous films. Olivia Munn’s never really been comedic, and Jennifer Aniston, someone who’s proven to be legitimately funny numerous times (often with Bateman), is nothing more than a overly mean witch. The pimp character played by Jillian Bell sounds great in doses, but becomes annoying by film’s end once she becomes a central figure.


Far from a fruitcake but not the best gift ever, Office Christmas Party is the proverbial gift card gift in movie comedy form. Won’t be mad with it and can certainly get some usage out of it, but not a gift to remember, either.


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9 thoughts on “Office Christmas Party: Movie Man Jackson

  1. I think if I made a movie that looked this terrible, I’d fucking kill myself. This looks like fucking garbage and the fact that Jillian Bell is in it makes me run faster from this than a pussy from Donald Trump’s liverspotted hands. Fuck this shit, why the fuck do studios think this is the shit we want to watch.

    1. Not a Jillian Bell fan Tom? That counts two of us. I couldn’t understand why everyone loved her in 22 Jump Street. I guess she’s OK in doses but she gets old fast.

      Yep, this movie will not miss your thoughts. Can probably even miss this on Redbox or whatever. I think it’s OK but for the cast assembled this needed to be hilarious nonstop.

      1. I think i was drunk when I sent that comment but yes. I cannot stand her. And the movie in general just doesn’t look great, and your review confirms that. It’ll be a big skip for me.

  2. I gotta say I thought this looked like crap from the trailers. I swear man, the more of these types of movies we get the more disconnected I feel from modern comedies.

    1. I really like some of the cast (really, Bateman, a big fan of his), but the fact is this is very disposable. Do think there is much worse comedy that’s hit the screens this year but this doesn’t move the needle either.

  3. Wow… reading your comments..Tom seems a bit angry..hahaha though that might be an understatement..we can only hope he was drunk when posting :). As I noted in my review..if you want to pick it apart, it won’t be as fun..which is what you did and it makes the review really long! hahahahaha I just went with the flow and while I know it had it’s issues, I just wanted to laugh some. It’s definitely not crap because if you just roll with it, Laughs are needed in life right now and you will laugh..that’s all I can say. Onto the next one.. 🙂

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