Thanks go out to Kelchi Ehenulo and Just Shrewd Me for the nominations. Let’s get to it:

From Kelchi Ehenulo:

  1. What’s your favourite 80s film? Robocop
  2. Who’s your favourite film director? Ever? Stanley Kubrick. Now? Denis Villeneuve.
  3. If you could invite up to four celebrities for dinner, who would it be? Jake Gyllenhaal, Aly Raisman, Paul George, Danny McBride
  4. Who’s your favourite actor to play Batman out of:
    • Adam West
    • Michael Keaton
    • Kevin Conroy (Animated Series)
    • Val Kilmer
    • George Clooney
    • Christian Bale (X)
    • Ben Affleck
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario? Other: Crash Bandicoot. But out of the two, Mario. 
  6.  If there was a prop/item from a movie you wish you could own, what would it be? The razor glove that Freddy Krueger wears. 
  7. What was the last film you watched you fell asleep through? Completely? Probably Gladiator. 
  8. If you could guest star in any TV series, what would it be? Mr. Robot. Best show on TV. 
  9. What’s your favourite hobby besides blogging? Dating, working out, and playing Madden. 
  10. Dream holiday destination? Jamaica, easily. 
  11. If you could change one thing about the Oscars, what would it be? More diversity, not necessarily in a black/white sense, but more attention to, for example, blockbusters that are actually good like say, Captain America: Civil War which will get little to no serious award looks. 

From Just Shrewd Me:

  1. Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Trek. Like that universe better, but can really only speak to the Kelvin timeline. 
  2. James Bond, Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne? Bond. Always, Bond. 
  3. Cinema or Netflix or other? Pray tell. Cinema. Netflix and watching at home is cool, but great movies benefit being on the silver screen. 
  4. What’s the most overrated thing in your opinion? Summer. Not that I don’t love it, but it pales in comparison to…
  5. What’s the most underrated thing in your opinion? Fall. Such a great season. 
  6. Favorite artist or band? (cliché, I know) Lupe Fiasco
  7. Favorite actor/actress? (cliché, I know) Jake Gyllenhaal
  8. What’s your best T.V. series right now? (Don’t be like me. Pick only one.) Mr. Robot, great cinematography and mature story. 
  9. If you, I don’t know, maybe got like marooned on a desert island with the choice of one, only one movie to watch on loop for ever and ever what movie will it be? Any Given Sunday. Love the performances, football aspect, etc. 
  10. If you could spend a day with any celebrity who will it be? Paul George, Indiana Pacers basketball player. 
  11. Wait, have you actually met one? I have…Actually I have not. 

Now for my questions:

  1. Favorite sport?
  2. What fall 2016 movie (Sept-Dec.) are you most looking forward to?
  3. Will movie theater watching ever completely die?
  4. Favorite food at the theater?
  5. What role would you take on in a movie production (actor/actress, director, producer, composer, etc)?
  6. All-time favorite movie genre?
  7. Favorite actor right now?
  8. Favorite actress right now?
  9. Any actor/actress you fail to see the hype in?
  10. How far do you live away from most frequented theater?
  11. Last Blu-Ray/DVD purchased?

I nominate:

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