Facing Ali: Movie Man Jackson

Rest in Peace to the Greatest of All Time.



“Never feel sorry for me. I’m great.”

Some people are truly transcendent. Regardless of what they may make waves in, their personas and auras span across many areas. Cassius Clay, better known as legendary heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali, was undisputably one of these people in his heyday. Facing Ali is a documentary focused on the one of a kind fighter, told from the perspective of 10 contemporaries Ali clashed with in the ring.


Like the DVD title says, Facing Ali is a knockout, in the best possible way. In 100 minutes we are treated to a very thorough recount and analysis from Ali’s combatants, such as Smokin’ Joe Frazier, Leon Spinks, Sir Henry Cooper, Larry Holmes, Ron Lyle, Ken Norton, Earnie Shavers, George Chuvalo, Ernie Terrell, and of course George Foreman. Each man has much to say about his respective bout from a boxing standpoint with the self-proclaimed “King…

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2 thoughts on “Facing Ali: Movie Man Jackson

  1. I feel like we say it every year, maybe because every year it’s true, but we have lost some incredible legends in 2016 so far. Good grief.

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