IT Chapter 2

Turn light into dark. 27 years have passed since The Losers Club faced their fears and defeated the terrorizing Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård). In those 27 years, almost all its members have left the godforsaken town of Derry, Maine for bigger and better things. Bill (James McAvoy) has become a mystery writer, Beverly (Jessica Chastain), a […]

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Sinister: Movie Man Jackson

Some crimes are not meant to be solved. Or written about. True crime writer Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) is attempting to reignite his floundering career; it has been 10 years since he’s had a bona fide hit. Hoping to draw inspiration for his latest novel, Oswalt moves his family into a home in which a […]

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Lights Out: Movie Man Jackson

I’d rather meet Dirty Diana before the Diana in Lights Out. Quite some time ago, Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) left her mother, Sophie (Maria Bello) and younger brother, Martin (Gabriel Bateman) not on the best of terms. She left mainly due to her mother, who has long suffered from a litany of mental issues. Rebecca receives word from […]

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It Follows: MovieMan Jackson

“It could look like someone you know or it could be a stranger in a crowd. Whatever helps it get close to you.” It isn’t all fun and games after going to Pound Town. Nineteen year-old Jay (Maika Monore),is having a good time going steady with Hugh (Jake Weary), a 21-year old she likes a lot. […]

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Poltergeist: Movie Man Jackson

“We just want our daughter back.” In the world of real estate, it is all about location, location, location, which explains why a house can be built on top of an old cemetery. As long as the headstones are moved, the bodies don’t even have to be. Just casually forget to tell the buyers about […]

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Unfriended: Movie Man Jackson

“Well who the f*** is Billie? Unfriended is why I still use Netscape Navigator. Keeps things simple. In this film, a group of six high school friends presumably spend many of their nights talking about teen things. As trivial and nonsensical they may be, they are important to people at this age. But this group probably […]

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The Faculty: Movie Man Jackson

“I don’t think a person should run unless they’re being chased.” And people thought homework was frightening. Harrington High School is your average Midwestern high school, and really just your average high school. Stereotypical teens fill the halls, like the pipsqueak geek Casey (Elijah Wood), popularity queen Delilah (Jordana Brewster), star quarterback Stan (Shawn Hatosy), […]

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