One of the upcoming forgotten movies of the summer seems to be Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. With Godzilla, 22 Jump Street, Days of Future Past, Edge of Tomorrow, and others coming before it, there is a feeling of this flying under the radar. From the looks of this new trailer coming out today, this may just be the viewing event of the blockbuster season.

This sequel to 2011’s surprise of Rise of the Planet of the Apes appears to take place a few years after (maybe a decade?) the simian plague has made apes basically counterparts to humans. This ape nation is led by Caesar, and from the looks of it, the human population is declining at a fast rate. The remaining population appears to be split as to go to war with this evolved species. Some appear to sympathize with them, while others feel that a war is imminent. Judging by the trailer, I would say the latter is a correct assumption…

This trailer will do what it needs to do in generating hype for the upcoming film. There are some nice seconds of Caesar speaking and of the camera semi-panning to his ape nation behind him in presumably the Redwood forest, and this effectively captures the feeling that the scale of this film will be epic. The CGI/motion capture looks even more polished than Rise, and that is saying something as Rise’s was quite good!

As most movies that employ him have shown, you cannot go wrong with Gary Oldman. His name alone brings credence to the movie, but don’t sleep on Keri Russell either. It also appears that this will be told from a both a human and simian standpoint, which is a good decision. Still, the best thing about this trailer is that while there seems to be more build than previous ones, nothing feels like a huge reveal or potential plot spoiler. I still am a bit hazy on details, but that is OK. When it comes to trailers, I am not looking to get full. I am just looking to whet my appetite.

Everyone has their most anticipated blockbuster, and this is it for the Movie Man. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes will be in theaters July 11th.